My Two Minute Commercial

ShakleeHealthy living has become a matter of survival for me. What started as a quest to learn more about natural remedies versus chemical cures has become vital. There are very few prescription and over-the-counter medications I can ingest. Years ago my pharmacist told me to place my right hand on his counter, raise my left hand and swear I would take no new meds before bed. Yes, the reaction I had was that severe. Changing the foods I eat and exploring my options has kept my immune system strong and me relatively healthy. In researching products (such as supplements, skin and hair care) to strengthen my immune system – I was lead back to Shaklee.

In regards to cleaning my home, I have to be careful of how I use chemicals to clean the bathrooms (especially the soap scum removers for the shower), shampoo the carpets, greasy hand cleaners and so forth. Chlorine was one of the first major chemicals I became allergic to when I was about twelve or thirteen. Let me tell ya it’s not fun to be the one in a group of peers unable to breathe or see because my eyes had swollen shut because I went swimming in the Civic Center indoor pool. In researching Earth-friendly cleaning products – somehow I always came back to Shaklee.

But this is not about me. It’s about the passion deep within wishing to better the lives of others. How can I assist in enriching the lives of someone else to be healthier? How can I help family, friends, complete strangers to improve their environment? I am grateful you took the time to learn a little more about me. If you would like to learn more about Shaklee, please ask or visit my site . Thank you.