One Conversation Can Change Your Life


Be authentic.
Be true to yourself.
Be curious.
Honor the person you are without hesitation or self-criticism.
Open your mind, if you so desire, to the possibilities of a healthier life.
The choice is yours.
Explore the Healthy & Sassy you!

Transforming one’s life can create a little ruckus while sorting things out.  In my search to carve out a healthier lifestyle for myself I became a student of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in January 2015.  I love to write and plan to share the things I’ve learned along this journey.

I started this site years ago with one intent, then another, and then life kinda choked me up for a bit as you’ll find in the post titled Tears Change Plans.  You are invited to wander the pages of this growing web site.

Life is an amazing adventure.